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Established in 2007
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Stag is and always has been associated with the Owner, Maria. Where ever Stag Goes, Maria Goes. It is not a Franchise or a Chain. Maria is Stag Hair Care. There once was 3-5 others in the shop at Northgate, but not anymore. Although, she does have one other stylist  named Cassie, she has her own busines within STAG Called Hair By Cassie.  Cassie is amazing with Women's Colors and Cuts, while Maria specializes in Men's Hair Care, she too does women's hair cuts and occasional colors and perms but has very little time for it and will need special consultation prior to any chemical service. Please use Stag's booking service using the link provided below. Walk-in's are few and far between, you are lucky you can get in unless you wait for a small window. Otherwise, good luck!


Father to Son:

"What's the difference between a good haircut

And a Bad Haircut?"   "Three Weeks!"

(That's Insane!)



That answer puzzled me since the first I heard of it. When I was only 12. I forgot about it until one day 17 years later I heard it again. How could it still be the same answer when I know I can get a haircut looking good that same day, not in 3 weeks! 

The problem was soon understood and as a Problem Solver, this is the greatest discovery that has led to my Unique Cutting Technique and has eliminated the dreaded Ring Around the Head Syndrome & Chia Pet Affect!

The ledge left on the side of the head is created by this certain scissor to which the Stylists have dubbed as their "Secret Weapon"  is none other than the THINING SHEARS! And I've proved it time and time again.

Since this Discovery, I have taken a different approach to solving problematic hair and realizing that hair cannot be altered from it's natural state but rather mancured to enhance it's instinctive pattern. Once aquired, all your problems will cease. That is my guarantee within 3 visits, if not on the first visit. Or, you don't pay.  Don't be fooled, thining shears are the problem, not your hair. 






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